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22. June 2023



18. January 2023

Leading in a World of Converging Crises

The Club de Madrid is the association of globally democratically retired heads of state and government. At the annual meeting in 2022, in collaboration with the Liz Mohn Center, recommendations were developed on the current crises of energy/climate, food, and debt for the G20 summit.[…]

28. October 2022

Social engagement

Social commitment and the commitment to the community are among the value concepts of the German population. In a study, the Liz Mohn Center surveyed social engagement in Germany.[…]

21. October 2022

10th German-Spanish Forum

The German-Spanish Forum, under the patronage of the Federal President and King Felipe VI, addressed the question of sustainability and digitalization in Europe. During the conference, Federal Minister of Economic Affairs Robert Habeck and Spanish Minister of Trade Reyes Maroto emphasized the importance of shared paths for the future viability[…]

18. August 2022

Trilogue Salzburg

The traditional Salzburg Trilogue, organized by the Bertelsmann Stiftung, took place this year for the first time under the auspices of the Liz Mohn Center. Representatives from politics, business, and culture discussed the question of how a seemingly divided world could be brought back together.[…]

15. August 2022

Survey on kids and young adults

The Salzburg Trilogue deals with the division of the world and the question of how respect, reliability, and mutual understanding can be strengthened. As a basis, the desires and concerns of children and young people in the country were surveyed in a representative survey.[…]

11. March 2022

Forum Bellevue

The symposium was dedicated to the topic: “The Future of Democracy – How Do We Strengthen the Republic?” Together with many of the former panelists from the twelve events of the “Forum Bellevue” the Federal President took stock of the previous debates.[…]

10. February 2022

Leadership radar

Quote, no thanks, in our organization, everything is fine with gender equality, right?! No awareness of a problem means no need for action, right? Is this the big “pink elephant” in the room of women’s advancement?[…]

5. February 2022

"Got it, Classical Music?"

Got it. Classical music? What was it? What is it? What will it be? These are the major topics of the cultural industry in our weekly podcast. For all those interested in classical music and culture, and who have a desire for exciting topics and guests.[…]

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